Credit Card Consolidation The credit card consolidation is the process of consolidating all the debts into one single form and making into a single payment that is useful for the individual to it easily. And this method is very useful for the people who cannot shop without the credit card. This method helps you to pay the credit card debts in three to six years and increases the payment duration. Before consolidation you can contact the best financial advisor to guide you through the process. The credit card counseling firm allows the people to be debt free and invest in the proper way. You can have either the secured or the unsecured loans. They have the benefits like low interest rates, monthly payments so that you can complete the payments in short period of time, credit improvement etc… And most of the credit card consolidation has the additional payments. The secured loans are more common among the people because the unsecured loan does not provide the collateral feature. You can choose the payment date by yourself. The finance people can negotiate on behalf of you with the creditors easily. If the payments are not made in time then you will have the negative credit score. Most of the people will go for the credit card counseling in order to have the positive response. Before applying for the credit card consolidation you must be eligible to apply for the consolidation loan like you must have the ability to repay the amount.